United by a shared purpose, bound by a common vision for BiH

About BAC

The Bosnian Advocacy Center (BAC) is a non-governmental, independent, and non-partisan organization dedicated to building an international coalition of partners who share a vision of a free, sovereign, democratic, and secular Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We act as a forum to encourage open and constructive dialogue between our international allies and domestic decision-makers who are ready to engage in good faith efforts to support a prosperous future for the country.

Our Mission

The mission of BAC is to encourage Bosnia’s allies to promote actions that support a vision of a free, sovereign, democratic, and secular Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our aim is to encourage a mutually beneficial relationship with Bosnia’s international partners based on shared social and political values and economic interests.

Our objectives are to:

  • Support ongoing efforts for Euro-Atlantic integrations that will strengthen peace, stability, democratic capacity, and economic development for the country
  • Strengthen current and establish new international friendships and alliances
  • Guide the narrative about Bosnia and Herzegovina in international media and through close ties with the world’s most important decision-makers
  • Establish permanent representative offices in main decision-making centers such as Washington, London, Brussels, Berlin, and Paris