BAC appeals to all foreign embassies for a travel ban on leading RS politician and genocidaire

The Bosnian Advocacy Center sent letters to all foreign embassies, consulates and representative offices concerning the recent findings about the role of one of the leading Bosnian Serb politicians in the Bosnian genocide.

The evidence, initially published by leading media outlets and by the Srebrenica Memorial Center, clearly shows his presence in Srebrenica in July 1995 and his active role in genocidal operations.

The Bosnian Advocacy Center has called upon our allies, friends and other countries to consider imposing a travel ban for all genocidaires. We noted that those who were ready to actively participate in genocidal operations, forcibly transfer civilians, and replace mass graves are a threat to our common security, even decades after the genocide.

We hope that these countries will continue to support our joint fight against the genocidaires and against genocide denial.

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