Statement On The 24th Srebrenica Genocide Anniversary

Today we remember and pay tribute to more than 8000 Bosniak Muslim civilians killed 24 years ago during the Srebrenica genocide. The youngest victim of the evil ideology was baby Fata Muhić, born on July 13, 1995, not even a day old, while Šaha Izmirlić, born in 1901 was the oldest. The majority of exhumed bones are found in different mass graves.

Genocide in Srebrenica is confirmed by verdicts in international courts and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which reaffirm, together with documents, testimonies, and expert opinions that the Srebrenica genocide is the biggest crime committed in Europe after World War II.

Nevertheless, high-ranking officials from Serbia and Republika Srpska are still denying the genocide and trying to re-write the history and relativize the facts. We request those to accept the truth about genocide as that is the way how society can achieve prosperity and success. Relationships must be built on trust and truth, as repeating the lie over and over again, will not make it the truth.

We urge those to give up on inflammatory narratives resembling the ones that led to genocide. We seek from people of BiH to turn their backs on convicted war criminals and to stop glorifying their monstrous and genocidal legacies.

We are very grateful and sincerely commend the efforts of civilized countries and nations in their efforts to keep the truth about the Srebrenica genocide from oblivion.

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