Statement on the 26th Anniversary of the Dayton Agreement

Today we mark the 26th anniversary of the Dayton Agreement that was officially signed in Paris on December 14, 1995. The agreement ended the war of aggression and genocide that had been raging in Bosnia from 1992.

While we understand that the Dayton Agreement has put an end to the war and genocide, it also created the most complicated political system in the world with many flaws, issues, and obstacles to our country’s progress. On the other side, denying and undermining the Dayton Agreement and Bosnia’s constitutional order is unacceptable and is likely to produce dangerous consequences.

Upon recent anti-Dayton Agreement actions that endanger the stability and peace of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is of utmost importance to recognize the importance of the Dayton Agreement, especially to certain political entities within Bosnia that would not exist without it.

The content of the Dayton Agreement has been criticized from all sides, and there is most certainly room for improvement and upgrade. It is nevertheless, of utmost importance to preserve peace while working on meaningful, constructive, and beneficial changes to Bosnia’s political system.

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